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The growth of Internet users

According to the estimation that has been made by Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) at the third week of March 2017, the percentage of individuals using the Internet has experienced 17.5 percent growth in 2016

Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) reported its estimation of three ICT households indicators to Information Technology Organization of Iran (ITO) on March 15, 2017. These indicators are used in calculating ITU IDI index. According to the estimation of SCI, the values of these indicators has shown in the following table

Growth (%)


(March 2017)


(March 2016)




7 61.39 57.4 percent Percentage of households with computer HH4
12 62.21 55.5 percent Percentage of households with computer HH6
17.5 53.23 45.3 percent Percentage of households with computer HH7

“Percentage of households with computer” and “Percentage of households with Internet access” are used in calculating the Access sub-index of IDI and “Percentage of individuals using the Internet” is used in calculating the Usage sub-index of IDI. Each year countries report these indicators to ITU

As shown in the above table, penetration of Internet users has experienced a 17.5 percent growth in 2016 (1395). Considerable growth in the number of mobile broadband subscribers and increasing number of ICT applications in the country are two important reason for this growth

These three indicators and other 18 indicators are measured by the Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) in the survey of “Measuring ICT access and use by households and individuals”. SCI and ITO has performed this survey in 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2015. SCI and ITO are planning another survey in 2017

Measuring the availability of a computer in households is an important tool to understand the socio‐economic divide. Having access to a computer at home translates to an increased awareness and use of computing tasks and the development of ICT skills among the members of that household. Moreover, a computer enables internet connectivity, especially for advanced applications

The household penetration of internet access – via fixed or mobile networks  ‐  is one of the fundamental measures in assessing a country’s progress towards becoming an information society.  The higher the penetration, the more prevalent the ICT skills and usages would be


Source: IT Strategic Planning and Control Center, Information Technology Organization of Iran (ITO), Statistical Center of Iran (SCI)

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