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The Fifth ICT Festival will be held on 17 May 2015

According to ICT Festival Web site, ICT Ministry of I. R. will organize the Fifth ICT Festival on 17 May 2015. This Festival is being held according to the goals and tasks of ICT Ministry and with the aim of ICT development in the country and enabling the ICT sector and encouraging all the stakeholders.

The main message of this Festival is “New businesses with e-services”. The Festival has 7 main themes:

    Communication and IT networks
    Content and service development for National Information Network
    ICT development in rural and underserved areas
    Research, innovation and commercialization
    New media
    Development of postal services

The following awards have been considered for the winners:

    Privileges in tenders
    Support for participating in exhibitions
    Valuable awards
    Privileges in evaluation of knowledge-based companies



Keywords: ICT Festival, e-services, information and communication technology

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