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Iranians’ overwhelming Internet response in 2016 Census

According to the interview of IRNA with Mr. Parsa, head of Statistical Center of Iran, Iranian households has shown a good performance and participation with an Internet response rate of 46.4 per cent, surpassing the initial objective of 35 per cent. High rates of self-response and Internet response contribute to both the efficiency of data collection and exceptional data quality. The number of households who have completed the census questionnaire via Internet is 11,067,137. This number accounts for 37,171,307 of population.

According to the Measuring of the Information Society of Iran News Group, some countries have considered the Internet option in their census from 2000. Also there are some countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland that do not use questionnaires and these countries use administrative data for collecting the data that is needed for the census (register-based-census). According to the report of Northern Ireland and Canada statistics center, the following table shows the Internet response rate in some of the countries that have provided Internet as an option for completing the questionnaire .

Country Internet response rate in Census (%) Date of census
Canada 68.3 2016
Portugal 50 2015
Kuwait 15 2015
Northern Ireland 15 2015
England 16 2015

By considering that is the first time that Statistical Center of Iran offers Internet as an option for responding to the questionnaire of census, we can say that comparing to above mentioned rates in other countries, Iranian households has shown a very good performance and participation. Good Internet penetration and access to the Internet by households, cooperation of other organizations such as ICT ministry, telecommunication operators, and IRIB, and presence of good communication and awareness plans and campaigns are among the main reasons of reaching to a good level of Internet response rate in 2016 Census.

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