The State of BroadBand 2014: BroadBand for all The State of BroadBand 2014: BroadBand for all

Publications - The State of BroadBand 2014: BroadBand for all

  • Authors:Broadband Commission for Digital Development
  • Number of pages:110
  • Language:English
  • Publisher:ITU, UNESCO
  • Group:MIS Publication
  • Date of publication:First
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High-speed, affordable broadband connectivity to the Internet is a foundation stone of modern society, offering widely recognized economic and social benefits.

High-speed broadband is no longer just cutting-edge technology for an elite few; instead, the steady march of connectivity among the broader population is slowly but surely transforming our society with new ways of accessing

services and information. Broadband does not just comprise infrastructure; today, widespread broadband connectivity offers the prospects of new services and an information revolution to change – and challenge – our very approach to development.The Broadband Commission for Digital Development aims to promote the adoption of effective broadband policies and practices for achieving development goals, so everyone can benefit from the advantages offered by broadband. Through this Report, the Broadband Commission seeks to raise awareness and enhance understanding of the importance of broadband networks, services, and applications to guide international broadband policy discussions and support the expansion of broadband where it is most needed. This year, the Report includes a special focus on the importance of integrating ICT skills into education to ensure that the next generation is able to compete in the digital economy. As shown in the figure, this Report is structured around four main themes which can help us realize the potential of broadband for all. Countries should use appropriate policies and strategies to make broadband available, affordable and accessible, as a vital development enabler for building inclusive, resilient and sustainable modern-day knowledge societies.

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It is increasingly essential to integrate everyone into modern life, with access to digital education services, culture, entertainment, healthcare, financial and commercial services. To achieve this, the public and private sectors have to work together in close partnership. As the following chapters show, broadband for all can transform policy, social, and development outcomes around the world.

Today, we stand on the cusp of fulfilling the potential of high speed broadband.

Indeed, broadband infrastructure and services are essential for national competitiveness and success in the modern economy- broadband is a key enabler of national competitiveness through greater efficiency.

Published at: September 2014